Who Should Pay for Harvey

Re Harvey toll could reach $180 Billion

In this morning’s Globe and Mail they say there is a debate as to who should pay for the disaster. Clearly, the Big Oil companies who have caused, and continue to cause, climate destruction should pay. They have profited, and continue to profit, massively from the root causes of climate destruction. It is time they paid the piper.

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The role of media in denying climate destruction and in the death of humanity

Here is a great article by Klein which rightly  blames the media and journalists for  deflecting attention from climate destruction to the benefit of Big Oil.


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Individual denial of climate breakdown

A week or so ago I said the what was happening in Houston is the new norm. Here Monbiot makes a solid case as to why climate breakdown is political, that denial is political. I agree with all that he says. His observations about capitalism and the 25 companies who have caused in large part climate breakdown and continue to help fund denial are spot on.  He does speak generally about policy “silence” and media “silencing”.  But as always these types of articles do not put the blame on individual choice to continue to engage in environmentally destructive practices even though they know better. They continue to drive cars, eat meat etc knowing full well that they contribute to climate breakdown. This is missing from Monbiot’s article. Oh, he does allude to the big lie most humans tell that they want to make the world safe for their kids, but he does not frame how each individual, particularly in this thing we call the West, needs to stop engaging in individual denial. Perhaps it is implied but that is not enough. Each of us have to confront our own denial and not just continue to pretend that we are powerless to stop it.  see Monbiot’s article here:


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Canada is just as racist as the USA

This needs to be said: Canada has as many nasty racists as the USA. Racism in Canada can be overt, just go online and look at some of the so-called pro-democracy “everyone should be treated the same” sites that denigrate Indigenous rights. But racism operates in Canada more insidiously like this: no one would allow polluted and untreated water in any white neighbourhood. Yet white Canada is quite happy to allow this to continue on indigenous reserves. This is but one example, there are many more, of how Canadian racism is just as pernicious as driving a car into protesters.

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Near-miss air-accidents at airports

Just heard that two AC jets clipped and sheared off their wings at Pearson. So my near-miss experience in Edmonton, the SF near miss and now this. Are AC pilots being pushed too hard? Do you think there is a push to make even more money with faster turnarounds at airports? Do you think this will get better once Trudeau Junior privatizes airports?

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This Is How Big Oil Will Die

An interesting article, I hope these predictions come true.


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Injunctions, RCMP deployment “classic pacification”: Professor

This is a very useful article. It points how the colonial powers continue to work to destroy Indigenous life.


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