Oil Companies pay Billions less in tax to Canada than they do to corrupt countries

Of course the oligarchy does not pay the taxes they should. Their shills in gov’t stick the rest of us with the taxes. read below


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Why the CBC sucks (not for the Conservative’s reasons)

I finished watching an old CBC show (on Netflix) called Intelligence.There were two seasons of it. While it was pissing me off in a few ways in season two it was still damn good. CBC cancelled if after the cliff hanger of the second season. Obviously they had to make room for another Ann of Green Gables or some other fish or prairie show for nation building purposes. CBC always kills the good stuff.

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Another of Capitalism’s big lies exposed here

Another of Capitalism’s big lies exposed here.
Just a taste from the article:
“Trucost’s third big finding is the coup de grace. Of the top 20 region-sectors ranked by environmental impacts, none would be profitable if environmental costs were fully integrated. Ponder that for a moment: None of the world’s top industrial sectors would be profitable if they were paying their full freight. Zero.”
Go here:
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The Simulacra Democracy


A truly great discussion of today’s world.
A nice quote form it: “People are terrified today lest they be called conspiracy theorists. No single pejorative term has exercised such disproportionate power. There is a subterranean subject position associated with this, too. A masculine identity that connects with the presentation of those accepting of the official version of things. It is ‘no nonsense, mature, and sort of tough guy’ pose. Only weak and muddled (feminine you see!) would bother to question official narratives of…well, anything.” and another quote: “Fixation on Trump’s crimes distracts from a system in which crime is a built-in factor. Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump. They are only the figureheads that carry water for the system. And the system is the property of the ruling class.”….”There is nothing wrong with identifying the crimes of Trump’s administration. But there is something deeply wrong in not recognizing it as a continuation of prevailing policy. “

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Make corporations fund pension plans first and protect plans from rape by dividend etc.

What I find hideous here, apart from the silence of the leaders of the main political parties on this is the fact that something called “unfunded pension plans exist. How is it that corporations who have signed legally binding labor contracts with employees to contribute to employee pension plans do not make those contributions and instead use the monies to payout dividends etc.? Why are these corporations not taken to curt by governments for breaking the law? Or is the aw conveniently set up so corps can do this? Whatever the case Mr. “i’m here to protect the middle classes Trudeau has said nothing as far as I am aware and nor has Mr. “I am Stephen Harper’s replacement” said anything. The whole issue of unfunded plans is criminal.
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Solution to the rape of Sears

With regard to the rape of Sears here is a portion of a letter to the G and M which outlines how to avoid this again:
“…legislation needs to be passed preventing dividends from being paid to shareholders in any circumstance where there are unfunded liabilities due to employees. The directors of corporations should be held liable for those unfunded liabilities, just as they are for gov’t revenues such as HST and employee source deductions.” (A10)
I bet not a single political party in Canada will do anything like this because they have no balls to challenge capitalism in this way.
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Universities caving on “free” speech

It is really interesting how universities are beginning to cave in to the me-tooism of white folks claiming reverse discrimination and speech restriction. The oh-so-put-upon white folks who are now being more publically called to account over the horrible racist and colonial things they have done to people of colour and indigenous peoples now whine that their “whiteness” is being targeted. The article below shows that this cynical, revisionistic move is now a new weapon in the arsenal of white privilege. (I guess the legion of administrators and their legion of lawyers are fearful of litigation so they want to stamp out on any form of exchange even though universities are supposed to be places where ideas that threaten or unsettle are supposed to be freely discussed.) I have also been watching with interest how white groups on campuses and reactionary op-ed writers in the media have been decrying “political correctness” in how the left is restricting the free speech of right wing folks on campuses. I do not like any of this boundary policing whether from the right or the left. Any person or groups ideas have to stand up to public scrutiny and debate based on sound evidence not just identity politics.
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