Trudeau II compared with Harper

I maintain that Trudeau II is the same as Harper. Trudeau II pretends to listen and then does exactly what he wants with some sleazy rationalization such as what he did when he went back on his election reform promise. My point was that Trudeau II, as most politicos do, made a lot of promises that he has reneged on. His climate change plan is virtually the same as Harper’s. He campaigned on election reform and went back on that. He promised the moon on Indigenous issues and has done little there. Nothing really happening on the TRC calls to action.In fact the whining sound of maybe we will do less on the TRC calls to action is now being heard everywhere. In this case he is worse than Harper because at least Harper who did not care about the indigenous “file,” never promised things just to look good. Trudeau promised the moon on infrastructure yet nothing of substance has happened yet. Trudeau has supported pipelines etc that Harper supported. He is actually worse than Harper on selling crucial parts of Canada to the Chinese despite very clear warnings nasty consequences. (geez I almost sound nationalistic there. Apologies). So I think the comparison with Harper is apt. Perhaps I should have said Trudeau II is worse than Harper. Harper went his own way and to hell with activists. Trudeau II seems to be doing the same. It is easy when a party is in opposition to talk about change , as someone said in the G and M yesterday, but the proof of the party is how comprehensively they do what they said they would do once in power. Trudeau II and the gang defaulted to the usual Lib strategy: campaign from the left and rule from the right.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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