The Red Herring of “fake” News

The thing about this fake new stuff is that all of the corporate “news” outlets engage in, for example, rumour mongering and help gov’t and corporations float trial balloons for ideas that want to test or for propaganda they need inculcated. The continued creation of fear by corporate media is an exercise in fake news. The example of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq puts paid to the idea that the corporate media does not promulgate “fake” news. I think this was far worse than any news created by a cabal of internet special interest groups that, say, wanted to somehow influence the American election. If you read any corporate, supposedly non-fake news from a critical discourse analysis perspective you will see that almost all “news” is manipulated to profit the investors in these corporate medias. Sure there are a small number of journalists briefly and calculatingly allowed off the leash to say things that help promote that idea of a free press but, by and large the media is capitalist and the news is meant to maintain the status-quo.

About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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