Stop being hypocrites about climate change

I find is sad that people are worked up about how  world leaders like Trump and Trudeau II, for example, are somehow going to stymie actions to stop climate change. Please wake up. None of these folks is interested in climate change except in the same “well, as long as I can still drive my car” or “my one big screen TV is not hurting anyone” that the majority of Western people on this planet hold. The job of these politicians is to pander to the heart of capitalism: consumption. (The truthful word for “democracy”.) They, and the corporate folks that own them, are not going to kill the golden goose to satisfy those scholars who fly from conference to conference saying “We all have to change or this is the end of the world as homo sapiens knows it.” Nor will they change for those activists who hit the streets to protest global warming but who drove their cars to the protest (or flew). The corps and their political front men know how short-lived humans are and how the majority look after number one despite the big lie they tell of “Let’s make the world safe for our children.” So let’s stop with this Trump is going to destroy the environment. Sure he will because he is going to do it so you can drive your car, fly to Cabo San Luca for all-inclusive fun, so you can have out-of-season-fruit trucked in etc etc. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourselves. (Full Disclosure: I have purposefully not owned a car for 35 years, I compost and recycle, I am a veggie an grow some of my own food but i also fly 5-6 times a year and I eat fruit trucked in.) So I blame myself too. My foot print may be smaller but I am still leaving a trail. By the way I am not against the fight to stop climate change. I have been active in it. But I am interested in making sure that we are not hypocrites about it.

About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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