Canada’s Shadow Government and its Silent Coup

I was was asked how Canada fits the description of the USA in the Counterpunch article

America’s Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup

Here is my answer:

The same powerful families that have over time co-owned or exclusively own the means of mental, financial, food and industrial production have effectively owned every gov’t that has ever been elected in Canada. They also financially support and nurture the politicians, bureaucrats and judges who do the day-today work of governing for them not us. I think the current Trudeau gov’t is a perfect example. Apart from some window dressing political moves this gov’t is following and in some ways deepening the neo-liberal agenda that Harper inherited from Mulroney, Cretien and Martin. If you look at the history of Canada decisions have not ever been made for the majority; they have always been made with the idea in mind of enriching and further empowering the oligarchy.The Irvings, the Westons the Demarais and the Thomsons to name but four of these families really rule Canada. It is really not much different than the USA except our military capitalists operate on a much smaller scale.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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