Who is really threatened by Trump

I am not a Trump supporter.
See the link below for an Interesting take on the hypocrisy about Trump and how Trump really only repackages that which Americans really do not confront or really want to change. It also makes clear that it is the free-trade elites who fear Trump’s nativist threat to their gravy train.
“The “Trump is a fascist!” theme can serve the purposes of misdirection and mystification, effectively whitewashing an entire polity by draining its “sins” into one person.”
Also within the article is a good discussion as to why the “facist” labeling of Trump is incorrect and how he should be referred to as a “nativist” in Linton’s terms.
“The real threat of the wall is to free trade, and primarily to NAFTA in this case. That is why Trump is the target—because unlike his many predecessors who have already started building border enclosures, turning away refugees, and deporting the undocumented—none of them have done so in a way that promises to tear up NAFTA, and then all other free trade agreements….
That is a direct violation of the free flow of goods and capital at the centre of NAFTA. One cannot take such action, and keep NAFTA—and it could mean a head-on collision with the WTO. Why did the media not immediately seize on this and explain matters to readers? One reason is that those who control the media wanted media consumers to swallow the story about race, divisiveness, and hatred—even if it meant putting words into Trump’s mouth, such that many now believe that he called all Mexicans rapists. Had the media instead started by underlining that Trump would end NAFTA, perhaps mass opinion would have been quite different. Fortunately, his most fervent supporters care little for the media to begin with.

Let’s watch and see if the dominant elites, driven by their fervent greed, don’t continue to escalate the media propaganda and dirty tricks to thwart the popular will. If they do, they may come to miss Trump soon, because what comes after could be truly mean, bloody, unforgiving, and utterly merciless.”

See the Zero Anthropology article:

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I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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