The usual right wing views from the G and M

In the Globe and Mail yesterday some interesting things.

First, we are told in an editorial that the Great Bear Rainforest agreement was really about the “free market” Here is a quote from the article:

“Instead, thanks to market pressure applied by global consumers of B.C. forestry products (this newspaper included), and the relentless efforts of, yes, environmentalists, native peoples, companies and government, today we have an agreement that is a model of its kind.”

So environmentalists who fought in the trenches for years are placed second to some sort of free market pressure. What a fucking joke. To say that global consumers (big businesses of all sorts) determined this is to say that weekends, pregnancy leaves etc were generously given to workers instead of fought for and won by unions whose members had to endure starvation and head-bashing by business owned police and thugs. I bet if you looked into past G and M editorials you would find them demonizing environmentalists and saying that the market must determine what happens in the old growth forests. See the whole article at…/bc-rainfo…/article28493383/

Second, we have Lawrence Martin’s op-ed ” Canada’s Media: A crisis that cries out for a public inquiry” going on about the loss of Canadian journalists as a result of Postmedia newspaper closures. He reinforces the falacious claim that Cdn journalists are the fourth estate protecting the Canadian public by fearlessly investigating the malfeasance of the gov’t, corporations and criminal organizations. Excuse me, when did the majority of Cdn journalists, indeed any nation state’s journalist, actually do this? Most journalists are involved with maintaining the status-quo. Most tell the stories that their editorial policies, determined by the owners of the means of production, want told. Christ, in Irving land (new Brunswick Canada for the unitiated) not a single story from leftist think tanks ever make their way into the news but the Fraser Insititute and other right wing thing tanks are in every second day preaching small-gov’t, low taxes neo-liberal views.. So Martin’s bemoaning about media concentration, which his owners the Thomsons engage in, is just so much deflection from the fact that Cdn journalists are shills for capitalism. Sure there are a few like Martin Groves who actually do it differently but not in the corporate media. So Martin Lawrence’s view are just so many crocodile tears. See…/canadas-m…/article28494689/

However, the G and M did publish this letter to the editor as its token gesture toward other views in Cdn society:

“Behind the anger

In all the head scratching about the appeal of Donald Trump and other anti-establishment candidates, it’s surprising that there has been so little discussion of the role of more than 30 years of neoconservative economic policies (Anger Roils Both Sides Of Political Divide, Feb. 1).

Working people were assured that deregulation, privatization, tax cuts for corporations, and cuts to social services, would make people’s lives better. This has so obviously not been the case that it’s a rational response to turn against those who made the promises.

It is our loss that the traditional left has not found a way to respond adequately to this mistrust and alienation.…/feb-2-kuw…/article28493999/

Julie Beddoes, Toronto”

Hey, look at the rest of the paper and it supports the opposite of the discourse in this letter to the editor


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I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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