The Stupidity and Selfishness of New Brunswick

Living out here in Irving land I am always surprised by how people think that money just appears to pay for things. I am not a neo-lib and I hate that each successive NB gov’t let’s the Irvings stash massive amounts of money off shore and then try to balance budgets on the backs of everyone else in NB. I am pro-taxation. I believe that paying taxes is socially conscious because, when it is used properly and not abused by funding the military etc, it helps all of us. Out here the mouth breathers have drank the neo-lib kool-aid and don’t want taxes raised at all. Moreover, they love to drive cars and trucks and SUVs, a total waste of money that causes huge debt and pollution but they only want to pay the barest minimum for their use of the roadways. So now when the current Irving representatives (prov gov’t) want to put in highway tolls the ever-enlightened folks of NB are up in arms. Of course there are arguments against tolls, that they hit the poor the hardest (why are they paying for cars in the first place?), that tolls will raise food costs because truckers will just pass on the costs to everyone else (except the Irvings of course) etc. But hey, if you want to have these roads so you can engage in your automotive self-deception of freedom, aggression and sexiness then you have to pay for it. I won’t even own a car and I am for the tolls. I have been living here now for 14 years and this place still amazes me for its selfishness, its ability to stick its head in the sand and its NIMBY outlook.

About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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