3 Cdn Stories of note

So many things to talk about.

First, the wonderful news that Cindy Blackstock’s long advocacy has paid off. After being spied upon by her own gov’t and the years of work she and her allies have finally got the courts to say that Canada has funded indigenous children differently and to a lesser level than non-indigenous children in Child Welfare. This is a great victory. Now if they could get the Feds to fund on-reserve education to the same levels that the provinces do then another inequity would be addressed.

Second, there is the ridiculous stance by capitalist and Isreal cheerleader Bronfman about a mural at York University that he says is anti-semitic. As usual he ignores or simply cannot understand that there is a distinction between criticizing the policies of Isreal and anti-semitism. If you do anything or say anything bad about Isreal you are immediately anti-semitic so Bronfman’s logic goes so he takes his money and goes home like a spoiled child. Zionism is a plague upon the earth.

Third, and I take no joy in this, Alberta lost 19,600 jobs this past year because the Alberta public never forced their Conservative representatives to diversify the economy. Sure there is a massive market resource disaster brought on by an American fracking glut, Saudi underpricing and free-market hedge-funders shorting for profit among others. But all the money Alberta made off resources was pissed away by the free-market Alberta Conservative party. Yet, many Albertans still want these short-sighted incompetents back. Go figure.

So two out of three ain’t bad today.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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