Beware of Trudeau’s “sensitivity” to Aboriginal peoples

Just thought I would say a few things about Trudeau and the Libs and what they have to really deal with beyond photo ops with Aboriginal peoples and crocodile tears at Truth and Reconciliation. Here they are: Let’s put it this way: with Canada being one of the most racist places on earth as evidenced by the massive over-representation of A peoples in Cdn prisons, a second even more virulent 60s sweep of A kids into child welfare, the lack of public will to force their leaders to provide potable drinking water and non-mould ridden housing on reserves, the continued theft of A lands by both corporations and government, the lack of will to substantively honour existing treaties and to negotiate new ones without resorting to court delay tactics, the second rate education provided on A reserves as opposed to the rest of the Canadian population and lately, the treatment of A people democratically protesting all of the above as terrorists. It goes on. These, and more, are what have to be dealt with. Not a single political party has ever, “substantively” dealt with any of this. It is just to old incremental, out-of-sight-out-of-mind dance that the Cdn oligarchy and the Cdn public does. So don’t get deceived by the media machine that is portraying Trudeau as “different” and the Liberals as caring as opposed to those evil Harper people.  They are the same people.

About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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