The West’s role as chief terrorist and the corporate press’s willingness to deflect

My post of yesterday was critiqued:

“Sorry, but it’s way more complicated than the arms trade. You’re omitting the Gulf States, Iraq, and Russia in your analysis for one thing, not to mention religious fundamentalism, and blind hatred of the west. What happened in Paris and is playing out in this whole mess is tragedy beyond words, and if that makes me a handwringer, then so be it.”

I responded

Sure it is (), I was only talking about this one element today. Over multiple posts I have been going on about the USA’s support for Saudi Whabism a central dividing force among the Gulf states, the West’s support of Zionism in Isreal, the weapons windfall coming out of those two plus the continuing effects of colonialism and imperialism throughout the region. I include Soviet and Russian imperialism and the “great game” in this. The blind hatred of the West largely arises out of the foregoing. It is also a very useful discourse to sell newspapers. In the post you refer to i was critiquing how the media is interested in the handwringing narrative rather than looking at anything resembling roots causes for the terrorism in Paris and throughout the world. The media prefers the “oh, woe is us, what’s to be done?’ and “how did things get so far?” narratives over the narrative of how the West is largely responsible for the whole world terror mess. The pretense of western victimization sells better than anything resembling nuance


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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