Canada’s head-in-the-sand, racist and structural NIMBY

There was an article in yesterday’s Moan and Wail written by some European academic who praised Canada for its commitment to multiculturalism and how Canada has not become xenophopbic about immigrants as many right wing parties in many European countries have. As usual on-going and virulent colonialism and racism toward Aboriginal peoples in Canada was completely glossed over. It’s the usual tactic of ignoring white privilege etc within Canada to focus on problems “elsewhere”.  Cdns also love to engage in this. They fought South African apartheid while ignoring their own. The accuse Americans of racism toward blacks but ignore their own racism toward Aboriginal peoples. It is head-in-the-sand, racist and structural NIMBY.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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