Voting for the Liberals to oust Harper is just plain stupid

I was talking to someone else who wants to support the Liberals to get rid of Harper. Here is what I said:
Honestly, do you really think there is any difference between the Cons and Liberals? Both are totally neo-liberal. Both have done their best to destroy the social safety net (defunding the medical system, making EI almost impossible to get etc.). Both support Bill C 51, a totally draconian bill that solidifies surveillance etc. Both support the building of more prisons. Both have lowered the tax rate for corporations. Both have supported “free” trade which has seen manufacturing and good paying union jobs flee the country. Both support Big Pharma’s continued gouging by extending patents. Both resist a national drug plan.Both have given niche tax breaks to to get votes. Both have let the infrastructure in this country deteriorate, while one makes a promise to put funding into it as a reaction. If they had kept it up instead of giving meaningless tax breaks they would not now have to spend a fortune to fix it. Both have weakened environmental protections. Neither party is sufficiently invested in alternative energy. Both parties defunded the university system forcing universities to beg from corporations, forced them to raise tuitions and maintain a system that creates massive student debt. Both have maintained a system where many Aboriginal reserves do not have clean drinking water and where Big Oil can pollute Aboriginal lands with impunity. The list goes on and on. Who do you think they do this for? Why do you think the Cdn people continue to vote against their own interests?


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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