Demonizing and penalizing the poor for appearances sake

Walking the streets of “downtown” Freddy the other day I noticed these bright green parking meters. As I do not take the local Irving propaganda rag nor listen to local news, I had no idea that this is Mayor Woodside and the Council’s bright idea to get panhandlers off the street. The idea is that people who would normally contribute money to a street person would put this in the meter. This money would then be “redistributed” somehow to those very people who are not longer allowed to panhandle in front of stores and generally bother shoppers.
What an appalling piece of anti-poor legislation and practice. It panders to NIMBY and to consumer shame at conspicuously consuming while others have next to nothing. It allows all the shoppers and store-owners to avoid the realities of our capitalist society while enabling stereotypes of the “lazy poor”. These meters are little better than the pointy concrete constructions or spikes placed under bridges etc so the USA homeless cannot sleep there. Rather than advocate for a national personal guaranteed wage for all our “sensitive and brilliant” local politicos penalize the poor for appearances sake and to pander to middle-class propriety. The whole thing disgusts me. I urge you all to register your outrage over this with the mayor and your councillors.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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