Reading the racism against Aboriginal peoples in the comment sections

We all know that the racists like to vent in the comment sections after all articles on Aboriginal peoples in Canada. The rant and rave and deflect and try to say “we are all the same so we should be treated equally”, use all sort of rights-based and liberty-based arguments and all sorts of ahistorical twaddle if they address history at all. Here is a particularly nasty and stupid one reacting to the Truth and Reconciliation report:

Julius No, Ph.D.
“While I feel terrible for what happened, I want to make it clear that I didn’t do it. I just don’t feel like apologizing for something I didn’t do just because I’m white.”

Yup, colonialism is all in the past and even though as part of Canada Mr. No PhD benefits everyday from the resources taken off stolen Aboriginal lands and supports the political system that does it and the police and jails who enforce it, he is innocent. It was his ignorant ancestors who did all this and why should he be blamed for it. Innocence discourse is one of white Canada’s great shields. He has a bit of knowledge about white privilege but clearly denies its existence. So the tells you that he “feels terrible” so that will allow him to ignorantly reassert the kind of knowledge that the majority of Canadians still valorize to one degree or another. I should not read these comments but i have to analyze them as part of my work.

You can see this and more racism of this sort at


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I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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