Media fear mongering deflects attention from capitalist criminals

The 24 hour new cycle is all about creating and maintaining fear of terrorism in everyone’s minds. Just as there used to be reds under the beds in the McCarthy era so there is now a potential terrorist just around every corner. If you look even remotely muslim you are now a suspect. Isolated acts around the world are now used to justify increased surveillance state powers, imprisonment in police cells for days without legal recourse and the clawing back of of the right of innocence until “proven” guilty.

Yet which criminal group, and yes perhaps terrorist group among us, is the media not focusing on? You guessed it, all those captains of the “free” market, all the capitalists around the world whose economic actions create massive poverty, war, rape, genocide and ecocide to name but a few. These evil people who continue destroy the world and all that occupy it in pursuit of profit and personal and corporate gain.  They are the root cause of all the death around the world. Yet does the media accuse them of this as they do “terrorists”? Does the media spend time exposing their ruthlessness and distain for the rest of humanity and animals on the planet? Of course not.  They are praised for being entreprenurial, spreading the wealth, job creation etc. In Canada it is rare to hear any substantive or sustained criticism of the capitalist killers all around us. In Canada, as one alternative media commentator said just recently , the media are virtually banned from saying the word “neo-liberalism” for fear of offended their corporate owners who want their wage slaves dumb and/or deflected. Nope, the media only praise the “free” market and only occasionally will they make an effort to publicize the actions of some token white collar criminal whose crimes are not an indictment of the capitalist system as a whole. Yet all the millionaires and billionaires around the planet are never criticized for their role in killing humanity for profit.

So stop fearing the brown (wo)man with a kalishnikov or bomb strapped to his/her chest. Fear instead the owners of the means of production, their grip on the levers of “real” terror and how they manufacture consent among us all for our own domination. Fear the political systems and media that theses creatures now own.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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