The Ferguson verdict was to be expected.

The Ferguson verdict was to be expected.

Ask yourself if you were on a jury that brought in a guilty verdict. The cops would know who you are. They might not respond to your 9-11 call or they might suddenly take an interest in your tax records, your web surfing activities and which radical organizations you belong or belonged to. The way all levels of govt protected this cop would lead me to believe that you would not only have to worry about local cops. You can bet the jurors were thinking of that.

In any case, fear of the black or red Other will always win out over “justice”. Police need to be allowed to kill with impunity. They can’t be hobbled by fears of liberal retribution. Police racism is endemic across N America.  No surprise here at all. The only things to watch now is how much damage any response riots cause and how many more black people are falsely arrested and/or injured. Watch how the over-policing or blacks will increase there in the coming years and how the consequences for driving/walking while black will increase. More white flight to the ‘burbs will occur.

Oh, and don’t think the police are any different in Canada. Just ask indigenous people in Canada about that and look at the  outrageous rates of over-representation of indigenous people in Canadian prisons which has not gone down despite 2 decades of research and exposes of the situation. The cops are here to protect the oligarchy not you.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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