Now watch the security state in Canada exploit these deaths

And they are off! After the politicians cried their crocodile tears over a man they never knew nor likely cared about and the media did their best to ramp up the fear machine while wrapping us all in veils of innocence and victimization and, the last resort of scoundrels, patriotism, the security state is calling for new measures that will further reduce what little democracy is left in Canada. Oh they are being careful and vague about it but the RCMP are going to want to be less restrained in who they surveil and how they do it. The RCMP want new “tools”. Right wing hacks from the CDA Institute criticize Canadians for not wanting to have a better security system in place saying “you get what you pay for.”(G and M page A12). The Canadian state is going to do this and the security industries will profit wildly. We will be subjected to longer lines in airports and to having our web browsing surveilled as new security laws are enacted. Public street surveillance cameras will sprout like spring flowers across the urban landscape. Brown people will be arrested for walking and driving while brown. A fortune will be spent on this as money also pours into the ISIS sham.

How many people have actually been killed by so-called terrorists in Canada? Not many is the answer, probably about 4-5 maybe? Drunk drivers in automobiles kill more people every year. Yet all this fear creation and expenditure is going to go toward something that “might” happen.

Meanwhile where is the security for Aboriginal women show have been killed in greater numbers than any terrorist has yet managed? All this security money will do nothing for the pressing food security problem for many Cdns especially children. These are just 2 pressing concerns “in Canada” right now. They have been pressing concerns for years yet, kill a symbolic soldier or two as awful as that was, and money will be found to zip Canada up in the warm paranoid embrace of the police industrial complex. It will be wrapped in patriotism and fear and most of the dumbies who live in Canada will say “Yes!” to it without a thought.

Here is a link to the very stuff I am talking about:


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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