Harper loves “investor state provisions” that destroy Canadian sovereignty

It is interesting to note how European nations actually get some of the problems created by neo-liberal economics. Oh yes they are still very much prepared to benefit from them. However, Germany has told the Harperites, who love free trade just as the liberals and now it seems the NDP do, that they will not sign agreements which allow “investor state provisions”. For those of you who do not follow this, these provisions allow corporations to sue governments (i.e., you) for enacting laws that go against corporate interests.So, say the government legislates against a particular pesticide or genetically engineered solutions to grain yields etc.  If the Canada does this they can be sued by corporations for massive amounts of money. (This is already happening as a result of Brian Mulroney’s free trade agreement with the USA.) So Germany is saying no to these provisions in the CETA agreement with Canada. Harper and I suspect Trudeau II too are willing to allow these provisions into these “free” trade agreements. It seems Mulcair also does too.  So your leaders are selling you down the river. This is the long and the short of it. It is hilarious to me that the media always talk about Harper’s “base” as his main concern and support. That base of knuckle-dragging, libertarian, pro-choice and gun nuts is not who he panders to in these free trade agreements. Harper is signing these free trade agreements to ensure that the Canadian oligarchy  gets to continue to make massive profits of free trade and to make sure that no “inconveniences” such as national interests stand in the way of making that profit. We can talk about how bad Harper’s law and order agenda is etc., but the real damage that Harper is doing is the same damage Mulroney inflicted upon Canada: or complete loss of  our impression of sovereignty (not that we really had it to begin with).


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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