It’s not just the economy stupid. Life is more than that

We keep seeing statements like this from the media “The economy is what matters most to Canadians, and Mr. Harper will keep repeating the message that he’s proven the safe manager.” (G and M today) Maybe the economy is being kept to the forefront of our minds by media because the media, and the corporations/gov’t don’t want us to look elsewhere. The whole austerity hysteria has been cover for the role of banks and the market in causing the massive recession we are now in and in destroying what little democracy exists in Canada. It has been used to justify the massive build up in surveillance on all Cdns but particularly on First Nations and environmentalists wanting a say on the economic consequences on the environment resulting from “It’s the economy, stupid.” It has been the excuse used, whether explicitly or not, to justify rampant class inequality and the lies of the meritocracy. It has resulted in the most of the working classes being subjected to life in the part-time precarriat. I wonder if the economy matters most to Canadians, apart from the wealthy, who have benefited so much by the redistribution of wealth and power resulting from neo-liberal and neo-conservative economic policies. No, I think a lot of us want less of the balanced budget and more food on the table from meaningful jobs. We want less McJobs. We want social programming restored as opposed to military adventurism used to keep the Cdn weapons manufacturers in cash . We want our charities to be able to speak out on issues that criticize the powerful. We want lakes and rivers and oceans protected from capitalists who see them, only as cash cows or obstacles to profit. I think a lot of Canadians would rather pay the taxes necessary to maintain the above and infrastructure. Sure these things cost money but it is not only money that makes us happy and human. So, It’s not just the economy; it is the above social structures and the values of social consciousness that are important. But don’t go telling the media this because they rely on those oh-so-error prone public surveys of tiny amounts of so-called representative Cdns to say that only the economy matters. What do the rest of you say?


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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