Naomi Wolf on our enslavement by Big Telecom, Big War and Big Oil

Naomi Wolf
This will make your head explode…you must read it. And I do think we have to cross the divide here. Binney, a respected whistleblower, says the goal of the NSA is ‘total […] control.’ I would not put it that way but I can’t deny any longer that there does seem to be strong evidence of a coordinated geopolitical mapping of suppression of liberty in a systematic global way. And it does have to do with a’grid’, as Assange (and now Binney) warned. And if you can wrap people globally in an electronic grid of surveillance — monitoring of their bank records (UK just introduced THIS bill) — laws against protest (Australia, Canada, US, Britain)…new laws that allow you to take travel documents away for thought crimes (France)…erasure of borders (Canada/US, EU) — transnational or secret lawmaking (TPP) — create a global currency that can be switched on or off electronically (Bitcoin) — surveil people in their homes and countryside (drones) — police people around the world and assassinate leaders and invade countries with hired armies (Xi/Academi) and privatize prison systems internationally (done) then really the few folks who control THAT set of levers (Big Telecom, Big War and Big Oil, all of which are global entities with global planning) control everything. They don’t have to hassle with capitalism, which is hard work, or with democratic nation-states, which is even harder work and creates barriers against what they want to do. It seems clear that these interests have systematically coopted security agencies and electoral bodies in the advanced democracies and that this is the near-future agenda. I was scared to write it and feared writing it but this is what is happening and we have to face it in order to fight it. I am very sorry for the need for this post.

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I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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