Don’t believe Capitalist lies about unions. Wake up!

I have colleagues walking the line in freezing weather and yet i continue to see doughheads in the newspapers accusing unions of being spoiled, non-accountable, greedy and enemies of the rest of us. Please understand that the capitalists have done a great job selling you this bullshit. Capitalists are the real villains in all of this. They would never have paid living wages, allowed maternity leave and contributed to pensions and medical care unless union people forced them to. Union people are the reason there is a middle class and it is capitalists who now destroying it while getting you to believe that it is unions doing the destroying. They accuse union leaders of being fat cats while the real  fat cats are capitalists making obscene profits and paying their CEOs massive compensation packages to downsize and buy back their own stocks. The reason there are so few private sector unions now is because capitalists got the public to believe that unions kept people from actualizing their frontier- strong possessive individualism. Free trade agreements allowed capitalists to kill union jobs while exporting those jobs to third world contexts where they can pay slave labor wages with no benefits while making obscene profits and destroying the environment. Capitalists got the public to believe that the meritocracy was actually real for anyone beside the owners of the means of production (most of whom inherited their wealth by the way). So if you think unions are the problem wake the fuck up! 


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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