the USA elections

Well, I am hearing it again. Obama is the only  "choice." "Oh, sure he has warts but he he way better than the alternative." Once again well meaning colleagues of mine are spouting this complete and utter twaddle. Let's be clear: Obama and Romney are both the candidates of the corporate/military who run the Excited States. Both of the candidates are not for whatever now qualifies as "the American People"; they are for the corporate bottomline and their own enrichment (as if they did not already have riches enough.) They mouth the script that has been given to them. Their scripts contain just enough difference to convince the gullible that they are alternatives to each other. Of course, those who desperately want to accept this difference because they cannot bear the fact that they are "the gullible" will say to me "Well we have to hope and you are just being defeatist." Or they might say "we see the badness but we cannot despair, we have to hold up our noses and vote."  They accuse me of being too caught up in Chomskyian "It's all a conspiracy!" ranting. But look at the results of the 4 year rule of the Hopemeister: Drones, extra-judicial murder of Americans and Others, draconian Acts which allow the persecution of Americans on their own soil, bank bail-outs but no help for those victimized by the greed of the financial elites, the same people running the economy that caused it to fail, and Bradley Manning to name but a few.

So get all this Obama is better than Romney shit out of your heads. They are the same. Flex


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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