Journalists corporate shills without morals or speaking truth to power?

A journalist has taken exception to my, "cheap shotting" in that person's terms, of 99% of journalists for having no morals or intelligence. The journalist also says  that my  despising journalists, "crosses the line' while the journalist offers no evidence to back up the claim. Please read my previous post for context

Here is my reply to the journalist:

… all you have to do is look at the press (paper/digital and TV etc) today. Let’s estimate how many journalists actually try to live by the credo of speaking truth to power, of holding the powerful accountable in democracies or even just mentioning how this operates let alone providing context and analysis. Apart from the folks at Medialens who make it their business to watch and critique how journalists toe the corporate, war machine line, people like John Pliger who actively tries to expose the self-serving hypocrisy of the majority of journalists and even Jan Wong who was treated as badly as she could be for exposing the racist underside of Quebec nationalism, there are few journalists who are anything more than obedient workers. What about almost the entire profession’s  complicity in the weapons of mass destruction rationale to invade Iraq? What about the corporate press' continuing attempts to discredit climate change under the guise of providing "balance" to climate change deniers? Or, as I have posted before, how the Wall Street Journal has tried to ignore the issue away. How about the oh so polite focus on the tragedies of massive gun homicides in the USA? The journalists all say that this are horrifying but refuse to go after the root causes of the NRA and the arms industry? Why, because their corporate bosses won’t allow them to screw their bottomlines.  Have you been watching the HBO show the Newsroom?  Even though it candy-coats a lot of what I am saying in a johnny-come lately, mea culpa fashion, at least it tries to expose  not only the ideological issues but also the important production issues that govern reporting. If you also look at the work of Harding, Teo and even my CDA work you can see how longitudinal studies of journalism’s treatment of Aboriginal peoples in Canada  represents an initiator and support system for Settler racism.  There are numerous scholarly critiques of journalism that more than “cross a line.” Even Richardson who tries to retrieve the reputation of journalism is highly critical of journalist’s  lack of morals and independence and for the sorry use of their intelligence in the service of power. So yes I do dismiss the 99% due to ample evidence of which I have elucidated only a small portion above.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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