Capitalism screwing us everyday

or all of us. A perfect example of casino capitalism where those that caused the meltdown are already long gone with huge profits. Greeks on the street who bought the consumerist nightmare without reading the fine print are left to rot with no jobs, evictions and retirement savings now invested in some bankster’s  yacht.

 But we suffer over here as our retirement savings continue to take a hit from Greece and the mortgage meltdown in the USA. All the corporate flunkees (politicians and corporate media) tell us that we need to deal with austerity. However, they still want us to go into debt to buy shit in order to keep capitalism afloat. They want us to be patient while the uber-rich continue to thumb their noses at us using meritocracy and neo-liberal, rugged individualist myths to blame their victims for uber-rich financial crime. Restrain yourselves they say, but not too much, because we need your cash flow.  A host of the exploited sweat in the mills of corporate “individuals” doing the dog-eat-dog-to-get-ahead dance in the rush to the financial bottom, and very rarely, the top. It is the promise to the slave that, if you are good you won’t taste the whip. Corporate “individuals” continue to use specially created special interest organizations and front websites to persuade the gullible among us that any criticism of the aristocracy or any requests for social justice is just wrong-headed. Meanwhile militaries (rich bully people’s sandbox toys) continue to eat up resources that could be used to help make the world better. Of course those at the top say this is all just leftish twaddle because no other system has ever created the wealth and well-being that capitalism has. Tell that to the majority of the world that are enslaved to provide the logorithmic marginal gains of some Harvard trained MBA in some hedge fund office in New York, Hong Kong or any other “world” city.

Greece, just the latest rape scene.

 But don’t think about it too much the aristocrats say. Buy your big screen TV, your SUV, pretend that you recycle and watch your sport spectacle but shut up and don’t demand anything better. Then every 4 years or so we will allow you to trade responsibility for the polling booth so you can vote for our minion on the right or the left.

Greece, meditate on it.


About flexosaurus

I am an anthropologist and Associate Professor who loves to play guitar and comment on social injustice in whatever form it may take
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