A rare indictment of the corporate elites from a corporate elite mouth piece

It is rare to see this kind of article with the type of conclusion in the G and M: “America’s ongoing civil war could worsen. It will not end until working-class Americans of all regions, races, and ethnicities join forces to demand higher taxes and greater accountability of the rich corporate elite.” This applies to Canada too.
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How white people think

I was involved in a very acrimonius exchange on FB about white privilege and how all us benighted leftists etc are just doing reverse racism. Here is one response I made:

I have stayed away from commenting further until now. I have just published a paper in the Cdn Journal of Native Studies which talks about all these issues in the context of three websites run by white settlers who use all sorts of arguments about the rule of law, equality, freedom and defending democracy to hide their white privilege while maintaining that they are ‘natives” too. But more generally…. White people do think through normalizing and naturalizing lens. White is the norm that is unmarked while other colours, in this case indigenous peoples, are the Others though which white folks define themselves. These others are marked as criminals breaking the law while white folks have only obeyed colonial laws that have privileged them in their land theft, breaking up families through adoption and residential schools all done to benefit these poor benighted Others who do not have the benefit of being born into the civilizing, christian, powerful Us. The culturally specific rule of law is at the heart of of how white folks think. White folks are often heard to say that indigenous peoples should have to pay the same taxes we white folks do all the while ignoring the imposition of the Indian Act (where status “privileges” were magnanimously given to some indigenous peoples while denied to others) and ignoring that the minority “status” indigenous peoples would happily give all those taxes and tax privileges back if white folks would return all the indigenous lands, resources and cash made off of them and continue to make of of them. White folks disparage or romanticize native “spirituality” as if it is somehow less real than christian religions but at the same time white folks are happy to appropriate the bits and pieces of native spirituality that helps them feel better about the alienation they feel for the destruction of the planet through their resource depredations on indigenous lands. The list goes on and on. So, yes anthropologists do know how white people think and why they think that way etc. They see it in the personal way white folks think of, speak of and treat indigenous peoples negatively and they see it in the structural forms that white folks have created to oppress and in the discourses white folks used to hide their white guilt (if they feel guilt at all). They see it in the way white folks deny responsibility for all of these evils. The only way I should ameliorate some of these statements is to add the obligatory “only “some” white people are like this and not all white people think this way. Yet most of course white folks don’t mind benefiting from all of the above..

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The Indigenous Right to say no

Check out this post from Pam Palmeter. She raises the issue of Trudeau II’s new move to use former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci as a beard for a decision already taken.
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A break from Atlanta baseball racism

Grand that the racist fans of the Atlanta Braves will no longer be heard this season.

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Atlanta racism

Baseball playoffs, I love them. One of the only things that came out of the Expos leaving Montreal was the a fact that we did not have to hear the racist white indian chant and see the tommahawk chop. I really hope Atlanta gets eliminated quickly otherwise I can’t watch baseball

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Canada’s new trade aggreement

Trade deals have always been about enriching oligarchies. These deals only affect us insofar as manufacturing disappears, dairy becomes a tad more expensive and, of course, the appeals process always costs Cdn taxpayers a fortune because monies use to pay penalties that could have been better spent elsewhere goes to pay for them. Why do we pay these penalties? We pay because the gov’t usually protects some oligarch’s cash cow.

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The Blues Jays and their Cleveland management

Just reading one of the inevitable “what wrong with our season and what are we going to do next year” interviews with one of the Cleveland managers of the Blue Jays. When asked about who they were going to get to replace Gibbons the bean counter said ““Ultimately, someone that we align with from a values perspective,” Let’s see, values, eh? Those would be help Rogers to make a bundle but never spend enough at the right time to win a championship.
On related matter with the Cubs loss last night there is already speculation than Maddon’s job is in jeopardy. If he gets fired the Blues Jays should hire this Jay killer immediately. But they will probably hire someone from Cleveland and then give him away for a bucket of balls once he gets good.
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